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National Network Reporting Company: Trendsetters for Court Reporting Firms

Nationwide Directory of Court Reporters

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC.com) is a global network of over 55 of the most customer-oriented and technologically advanced court reporting firms found throughout the North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The NNRC is committed to assembling the finest court reporters in order to open new doors for lawyers and enable them to expand their reach both nationally and globally. They offer video conferencing, real-time reporting, accurate and timely transcripts, as well as a wide range of other services that aim to assist lawyers by enhancing efficiency and enabling them to take hold of their case materials in new ways.

Certified Realtime Reporting and Legal Video Specialists

The NNRC prides itself on its array of Certified Legal Video Specialists that understand and implement ample preparation techniques, experienced legal videography and legal videography protocol, on-time delivery, and supported formats such as MPEG file, CD, DVD, or even VHS (if needed). These video records in conjunction with the real-time court reporting services offered are there to help lawyers in highlighting key words and phrases that can make or break a case. In addition to handling video, the NNRC includes multimedia trial presentation for both case preparation and litigation work in order to help lawyers by making a concise and memorable impression on the jurors while enabling said lawyers to focus on the current case.

Because of the global nature of today’s economy, the NNRC has multiple options and services available when it comes to clear and audible videoconferencing. There are conference rooms available in most major centers in the United States and Canada, as well as agreements in place to ensure the use of video conferencing facilities outside of North America. These videoconferences will help to reduce travel expenses by making deposition discoveries, consulting experts, witness/trial preparation, settlement proceedings, any other meetings and job interviews more accessible from your current location.

Software for Top Court Reporting Companies

Complete business management software offers solutions and optional Internet repository services for court reporting firms of any size. Features include online scheduling, job management and document management.

Calendaring and deposition scheduling allows for tracking events, depositions, tasks and individual reporter availability. In addition to this, simplifying the management of depositions requires a few easy steps, such as attaching documents, tracking correspondence and entering in date changes.

Managing business with built-in options include templates for standard or special billing rates. For example, tracking deposition acknowledgements, works-in-progress, work completion and assignment availability results in increased production and revenue for the firm.

Scanning all exhibits and papers with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) gives the ability to read and extract specific words within the files. Using OCR enables the building of a robust on-line discovery database with coding services for cataloging the scanned case documents. Furthermore, it provides the litigation parties access for secure, remote research.

File storage with online controlled access permits ease for sharing transcripts, exhibits and other confidential records with participants in the case who have various levels of authority. In fact, scanning the transcripts provides access to files in a variety of electronic formats.

In the end, the key objectives of reliability, speed and accuracy in management software provide what court reporting companies need for success in managing the workflow for national court reporters. Moreover, it provides extraordinary methods for enabling an edge over competitors.