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Sometimes, businesses are formed out of the need for change. This is the case for Anderson Reporting. Firm president, Gayle Anderson, was sick of watching how court reporting firms didn’t deliver on the many needs attorneys and paralegals had. Knowing full well that something needed to be done to change the status quo, Anderson took that status into her own hands and formed Anderson Reporting.

For several decades now, Anderson Reporting has been a major component in the world of court reporting. The court reporting firm flipped the script in what it means to be a quality court reporting firm, and set a new standard of accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, and customer service. Getting in booking, and actually working with, a court reporting service is no longer the struggle it once was. It’s these Columbus court reporters’ duties to make the lives of busy attorneys and paralegals all the more easy.

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But Anderson Reporting’s pioneering spirit didn’t end in Columbus—President Anderson wanted this new wave of court reporting to become international. So, with a few other court reporting firms alongside it, Anderson Reporting became a charter member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), the world’s largest court reporting directory service. Through the NNRC, clients don’t have to worry if a firm won’t deliver a transcript the moment it is needed—or if a videography service won’t be up to par with their standards. With Anderson Reporting’s guidelines in mind, the NNRC strictly vets just who can be a member, so that clients schedule only the best of the best in the industry.

Anderson Reporting is among the best of the best. Any attorney from any area of practice can come to Anderson and schedule a court reporter that fully understands their field of work. If they do not require a court reporting service, but some other litigation service, it is no problem. Anderson provides a wide variety of litigation solutions—from legal videography, to trial presentation, to media writing solutions, and so much more. No matter what clients need, Anderson Reporting will be there with them every single step of the way.

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