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Remote Litigation Support Becoming More Important Due to Extreme Weather

This summer and in recent years, weather events have made it more difficult for legal professionals such as lawyers and attorneys to meet with clients. Flash floods caused by torrential downpours have affected parts of the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic, as well as California. A dangerous and deadly heatwave gripping the Southern portion of the United States has made it perilous to go outside for prolonged periods of time. For just such times, court reporting firms offer remote litigation support. Given these conditions, many legal professionals and law firms across America now utilize US court reporters who provide remote litigation support services.

Top court reporting companies and court reporting networks across the country provide numerous services to assist lawyers with their cases before, during and after legal proceedings. Such services include e-discovery services, transcription services, remote deposition services, photography and videography services, and trial presentation services.  Some of the top firms for court reporting in California produce video documentaries that piece together evidence and present convincing arguments for their clients’ cases. Their clients can then present these videos as evidence in their cases.

Court reporters, court reporting firms and court reporting networks across the nation make it easier than ever for lawyers and attorneys to interact with witnesses remotely and access case information remotely. By partnering with technologically savvy court reporting companies, law firms and attorneys nationwide can take advantage of the resources these companies offer, such as mobile apps that allow legal professionals to access video depositions and other valuable case information from anywhere.

With remote depositions, lawyers no longer need to meet with witnesses in person to get their sworn statements on record. Now, court reporters can help lawyers and attorneys obtain this valuable testimony from witnesses via the internet. This testimony can then be presented as evidence in court cases and litigation.

When South Florida Attorneys Need a Court Reporter, They Turn to Laws Reporting

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South Florida is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. People from across the world travel south to indulge in the sunny weather, the sandy beaches, the food, and the fashion.

This especially rings true in Miami-Dade County. 2.7 million people– just about 12% of the state’s total population– live in this region alone. Miami has become one of Florida’s cultural meccas. People are drawn to this area in search of the night life, the art scene, the water sports, and so much more.

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With such a vast scope of industries making Miami the hustling, bustling city we all know it to be, the legal industry has to be just as busy. Maritime law, copyright law, personal injury– if you can think of an area practice, chances are that there is Miami attorney who is busy with the Miami course of law.

In most of these busy attorney’s cases, in order to provide clients the support they need, they need quality litigation support themselves. It’s not enough to work with just any court reporting firm. Their court reporting firm of choice needs to offer full-service litigation support. It has to employ the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable Miami court reporting professionals. They have to provide the best customer service out there so that attorneys can be confident if anything goes wrong, their firm  of choice will be there to help.

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In Miami, Florida, practiced attorneys know there is only one firm that can deliver on each and every one of their needs. Laws Reporting is the tried and true example of superior litigation support. Since 1976, Laws Reporting has existed to provide attorneys the most crucial thing they need: Service tailored to their needs. Firm founder, Paula Laws, noticed that many court reporting firms at the time did not live up to the standards of their clients. Perhaps they didn’t provide enough services. Perhaps their technology was out of date. Perhaps their service was poor.

Laws took note of each of these misgivings and created a court reporting firm attorneys can always rely on. Laws Reporting operates as a big-city court reporting firm with all the bells and whistles clients need while still offering clients individualized service. They use the latest technology to ensure every service runs as smoothly as possible. Their Miami court reporters are proud of their education and continue to protect their skills long after their initial certification.

There have been many times where my law firm needed a court reporter, often the night before a big hearing,” one attorney says. “We would reach out to multiple reporters and would find Laws Reporting as the company that would always pull through. Now our firm ONLY uses Laws Reporting for our court reporting needs due to their professionalism, diligence, and ability to cater to our needs often at the 11th hour! We are very happy and fortunate to have found Laws Reporting!”

Credit: Ohio State Bar Association

It is this attention to each running part of business that garnered the attention of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). The NNRC is an international court reporting database. In order to achieve this, they partner with only the best and brightest court reporting firms in the industry. These firms go through an intense vetting process that assures the firm’s speed, accuracy, and level of customer service. This means that, no matter where in the world an attorney is, they can book a service with the NNRC confident they will deliver on each and every one of their needs.

Laws Reporting’s excellence is what has marked them as the NNRC’s Miami partner. Now, attorneys visiting the city don’t have to worry about hunting down a firm that provides not only quality court reporting, but legal video services, remote depositions, interpreters, and so much more. All they have to do to find that firm is visit the NNRC’s Miami page, and learn more about Laws Reporting.

With satellite offices across South Florida, legal professionals from Miami to West Palm Beach can work with Laws Reporting without having to combat the Miami traffic. This saves attorneys crucial time that could be spent on their casework. Providing clients the support they need to work efficiently and effectively is just a part of a day’s work for the staff at Laws.

For more information on the firm and their services, call (954) 581-4010, email, or visit their offices.

7805 S.W. 6th Court, Suite 51, Plantation, FL 33324

Laws Reporting Announces Mediation Services

Credit: The Montes Law Firm APC
(Miami, Florida) November 18, 2020

Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their mediation services. The objective of mediation is to settle a case in a way that all parties are satisfied before it reaches trial. It involves the parties at odd, and an impartial, third party mediator. These professionals are unbiased and can help the parties work together to eliminate some of the problems between them.

The Miami court reporting firm offers mediation because they know how expensive lawsuits can be. The longer a lawsuit is drawn out, the more money both parties are forced to shell out. By turning to Laws Reporting for a mediation service, it is possible for the case to come to a close far faster than a lawsuit, allowing both parties to return to their lives sooner rather than later.

Laws Reporting works tirelessly to make the lives of their clients as easy as possible. The firm offers a wide-breadth of litigation services to fulfill any and all legal needs that may come up. It is time consuming to find a litigation support firm an attorney can trust, and doubly more difficult to find firms that can handle each requirement. In Miami, Laws Reporting is that firm.

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In need of a quality court reporter? Laws Reporting has the timely, accurate, and effective professionals every attorney needs. How about a video service? At Laws, clients can expect crisp audio and visuals every single time. Interpreters for an upcoming case? Laws Reporting offers professionals for Spanish, Creole, Portuguese, Thai, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese. If you can name a litigation service, Laws Reporting can help you. The firm wants nothing more than the citizens of south Florida to have the high quality litigation support services they deserve.

For more information, call (954) 581–4010, email, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices.

7805 S.W. 6th Court, Suite 51, Plantation, FL 33324

Ryan Reporting, A Staple of the Orlando Legal Scene

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Since the grand opening of the Disneyworld in 1965, the Orlando area has grown and changed exponentially. Incredible resorts and the introduction of seemingly an innumerable amount of theme parks has populated the area and continues to reel tourists in, rain or shine. Businesses open, close, and open again with something grander in its place. The once rural area has become a hub of arts and action in less than half a decade.

Bustling City, Bustling Legal Scene

As Orlando’s entertainment industry has grown, its legal industry has done the same. In such a densely-populated area, it is essential to have legal representation for each and every one of your business, health, and real estate legal needs. But as firms expand and shrink in response to “the City Beautiful” demands, there is one thing about the legal field that has remained the same: the presence of lawyers’ most trusted firm, Ryan Reporting.

The firm has remained a prominent part of the Orlando area legal field since 1970. As a dominating resource for litigation needs and court reporters, Ryan Reporting services all of central Florida—from Titusville, to Orange County. Attorneys and paralegals return to the court reporting firm time and time again due to their reputation of diligence, timeliness, accuracy, and absolute care for the case.

Excellence in Service

For years now, each and every one of a lawyer’s legal needs have been fulfilled by Ryan Reporting. The firm offers unparalleled Orlando court reporters, as well as top-tier videography, case research, translators, and so much more. Specialized areas of practice are of no concern to the staff at Ryan Reporting. Attorneys from fields such as civil rights or real estate can come to Ryan Reporting and find a court reporter who is not only skilled, but is fluent in their area of practice—an invaluable resource to building a strong litigation team.

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Ryan Reporting hasn’t let the digital age deter them. With the go-go-go nature that comes hand-in-hand with not only a bustling city, but the professional workforce, time is precious. Attorneys and paralegals need to be able to schedule a service at any time of day. A traditionalist can certainly call or email Ryan Reporting to do just that, but for absolute convenience, legal professionals can schedule a service with their mobile-friendly booking engine. All an attorney has to do is fill out information on themselves, their case, and submit a request! It’s that’s simple!

For more information on Ryan Reporting, call them at (321) 636-0972, email them at, or visit their offices.

1670 South Fiske Blvd, Rockledge, Florida 32955

Ryan Reporting Leads Way with New Technology

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As the court reporting field has changed, it has become essential that attorneys choose firms that are committed to remaining ahead of an evolving industry. New technology has changed the way lawyers work, and it is presenting them with new possibilities as they prepare their cases. In Central Florida, Orlando court reporters at Ryan Reporting are the source for new technology and the experienced team that are essential for lawyers taking on today’s casework.

Services to Meet the Needs of Top Attorneys

What sets Ryan apart? Simply, it is the right services to augment the talents of today attorneys, delivered when lawyers need them most, including:

  • Fully computerized
  • Real-time reporting
  • Video service
  • Nationwide referral service
  • Deposition suites throughout Brevard County
  • Civil and criminal hearings, depositions and trials
  • Telephonic depositions
  • Case research
  • Translator
  • Transcripts (next day delivery available)
  • Condensed transcripts
  • Word Indexing
  • Filing of original hearing transcripts
  • Confirmation call the day before hearing or deposition
  • No travel charge
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A Tradition Serving the Legal Community

For 46 years, Ryan Reporting has been a mainstay of the legal community in Central Florida. The firm serves Orange and Brevard counties, and offers deposition suites throughout the area to serve the needs of attorneys across Central Florida. The firm also is affiliated with a capable network of court reporters across the country who can help lawyers who need to cultivate a presence far outside the Central Florida market.

Taking control of the vast amounts of information in today’s cases is crucial, and Ryan can introduce today’s lawyers to innovative ways of collecting, storing, and then delivering information in today’s cases.

Having the right team in place is crucial in any endeavor. In the legal field, an experienced team of court reporters can help lawyers meet the new challenges of today’s work and help legal professionals discover new ways to save time and money as they meet the needs of their clients.

Ryan Reporting Brings Experienced Litigation Support to Central Florida

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Attorneys know that choosing Orlando court reporters from Ryan Reporting means that they can be assured of the best technology and the highest quality service.

The internet has enhanced many different industries, and the legal field is no different. It is giving lawyers new ways to collect, organize, store, and retrieve information and evidence, and Ryan Reporting is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions for legal practices. Ryan Reporting serves lawyers in the following areas:

  • Orlando
  • Orange County
  • Brevard County
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Melbourne

And many other areas.


When attorneys from across the country visit central Florida, Ryan Reporting can help by providing conference rooms that are perfect for depositions and other legal work. For those outside of the area who have work here, they can also provide video technology that allows the attorney to work here via video conferencing. This makes video depositions possible, and they can be coupled with realtime reporting to give attorneys a textured, multimedia view of their casework.

Online repositories for documents and other forms of media allow the attorney to access information related to their case from any location. This portability means the attorney is rarely at a loss for the information they need in meetings, hearings, or in the courtroom.

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The firm offers a robust selection of services including:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Nationwide referral service
  • Deposition suites throughout Brevard County
  • Civil and criminal hearings, depositions and trials
  • Telephonic depositions
  • Case research
  • Translator
  • Transcripts (next day delivery available)
  • Condensed transcripts
  • Word Indexing
  • Filing of original hearing transcripts
  • Confirmation call the day before hearing or deposition
  • No travel charge

Choosing the right firm can make a difference in how attorneys approach their cases. Experienced Orange County court reporters offering the latest in technology give law firms more ways to manage the large flow of information necessary to make cases go more smoothly. From video technology to the experienced court reporting services that have been the centerpiece of the industry for years, lawyers know that the right court reporting team can make a difference in their cases. Contact Ryan Reporting to schedule services today:

1670 South Fiske Blvd.
P.O. Box 560204
Rockledge, FL 32955