The website courtreporters.co is committed to bringing readers the latest news about court reporting in Orlando, Orange County, and Brevard County, Florida. The website stays ahead of emerging trends in the court reporting industry and also explores how court reporting companies are taking on a new role in the legal community.

As the industry has evolved, more law firms are seeking out new technology to better prepare their cases and serve their clients. For the law firm, the search for this technology can be time consuming, meaning that the best way to ensure that new tools are being utilized in the practice is through working with the best court reporting firms. These firms are acting as a liaison between technological advancement and the law firm, bringing in new ideas and new approaches to managing information and handling diverse information flows.

Court reporters are also proving to be a valuable part of case presentation in the courtroom by helping to prepare immersive courtroom presentations that can make an impression with jurors and more them in the deliberation room.  New graphics and video technology is giving media-savvy jurors new ways to visualize cases and understand the arguments in a new way.

The goal of the website is to keep the legal profession informed about emerging technology that can impact each aspect of the legal field.

Court Reporters is a publication of the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) and Legalsophia Legal Internet Marketing.

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