Detroit Court Reporters Leading the Way with Technology and Innovation

Detroit court reporters are an important source for the technology that can help change the way lawyers approach their cases. With new tools for connectivity and information management being assimilated into the best law firms, it is important to make … Continue reading “Detroit Court Reporters Leading the Way with Technology and Innovation”

New Courtroom Technology from Detroit Court Reporters

Detroit court reporters are ready to provide new innovations that can help legal professionals work more efficiently and effectively. Using the latest technology and drawing on their extensive experience in the court reporting field, these professionals are ready to help … Continue reading “New Courtroom Technology from Detroit Court Reporters”

The Impact of Columbus Court Reporters

Modern technology from Columbus court reporters has had a profound impact on today’s legal system. It is now possible to have what is called real time reporting during court proceedings. This means that those who are watching the proceedings can … Continue reading “The Impact of Columbus Court Reporters”

Working Away from the Office

Travel can be stressful for anyone, especially lawyers who must travel for work. Finding the services that lawyers need can be tricky, but for lawyers traveling to Houston they can trust the tools and services in Houston court reporters. If … Continue reading “Working Away from the Office”

Finding Court Reporters in Los Angeles

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Videos in the Courtroom

There is a phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine how much a video is worth. Using videos and graphics in the court room can help present complex information in a digestible way, giving attorneys an advantage … Continue reading “Videos in the Courtroom”

Fresno Court Reporters Hold the Highest Reputation in the Area

Fresno court reporters are known throughout the region for providing the best and highest quality services to their clients. These reporters are dedicated to their clients and provide the most accurate transcripts they possibly can. They also use the newest … Continue reading “Fresno Court Reporters Hold the Highest Reputation in the Area”

Professional Presentation Services Can Help Attorneys

Irvine court reporting firms offer services to attorneys that can help them in court. One of these is professional presentation services. When an attorney is presenting information in court to a jury or judge, they want to make sure that … Continue reading “Professional Presentation Services Can Help Attorneys”

Tips for Working with Columbus Court Reporters

It may seem like second nature – a lawyer speaks and every one of their words seems to be magically recorded. Of course, this isn’t magic. A court reporter is the one who transcribes a deposition or court case, but … Continue reading “Tips for Working with Columbus Court Reporters”

Top Bakersfield Court Reporters

Bakersfield court reporters at Keleher’s Certified Shorthand Reporters work to help law firms serve their clients with distinction. Contact them today to schedule a deposition: 3400 Unicorn Road, Suite 101 Bakersfield, CA. 93308 Phone: (661) 393-1856 Fax: 661-393-0851