Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields

Credit: VideoBlocks A person who records the events of a court room or deposition is not a recently opened position. For centuries, there has been someone nearby the opposing legal teams with a documentation of court proceeding to help the … Continue reading “Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields”

Top Kern County Court Reporters

Established in 1952, Keheler’s Certified Shorthand Reporters is renowned for instilling that old-fashioned, quality 1950’s customer service with their cutting-edge California court reporting technology. For full-service court reporting in Kern County contact them today at:   Visalia, CA 2348 W. … Continue reading “Top Kern County Court Reporters”

Software for Top Court Reporting Companies

Complete business management software offers solutions and optional Internet repository services for court reporting firms of any size. Features include online scheduling, job management and document management. Calendaring and deposition scheduling allows for tracking events, depositions, tasks and individual reporter … Continue reading “Software for Top Court Reporting Companies”

The Benefits of Realtime Reporting

Real time reporting, the immediate transfer of a stenographic draft, benefits attorneys by providing instantaneous access to transcription. Other advantages include on-the-spot rough transcripts and real time hookup. When Detroit court reporters email an unedited version of the transcript at … Continue reading “The Benefits of Realtime Reporting”

Videoconferencing Provides New Resources for Legal and Business Professionals

The world is getting smaller. The distances between people have not changed, but technology has dramatically changed the way they interact. The internet is a conduit for all sorts of information, and it provides a way to convey information in … Continue reading “Videoconferencing Provides New Resources for Legal and Business Professionals”

Improving Efficiency with Top Court Reporters

Time is a luxury many lawyers do not have. They are constantly pushed by fast approaching court dates and the urgency that every client brings to their case. As a result, many legal professionals are looking for ways to improve … Continue reading “Improving Efficiency with Top Court Reporters”