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Coash & Coash Reporting for Phoenix, Arizona

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Established in 1981 by professional court reporters Gerard T Coash and Meri Coash, Coash and Coash is proud to provide top notch full litigation services to the Phoenix legal community. With over 30 years of combined experience, the Coashes and their staff are all certified with the National Court Reporting Agency (NCRA), which allows them to provide a vital resource of expertise that meets every reporting requirement. A statement that is further supported by their incorporation of the best and most recent court reporting technologies such as real-time court reporting, e-transcripts, DepoView, and YesVideo.

Full Litigation Support For Phoenix, Arizona

As a way to provide convenient, full support services, Coash & Coash has set up their agency to be a veritable one-stop-shop for all of your court reporting and litigation support requirements. Their clear website advertises court reporting services, nationwide scheduling, videography services, mobile and regular video conferencing, an online repository, interactive real-time streaming, and a variety of transcript options including e-transcripts.

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As seasoned and professional Phoenix court reporters, Coash & Coash, has ample experience providing for depositions, hearings, arbitrations, and trials. Their deposition services include a video deposition option and a fully-furnished office space for client meetings and video conference calls. On-site faxing and photocopying are available as are interpreters and catering upon request. In addition, every transcript and deposition can be viewed from any device with a secure internet connection. The court reporter’s live notes will stream onto your device for quick and easy reference notes throughout the proceedings.

Reliable Service Guaranteed

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The Coash & Coash team is proud to support today’s legal professionals by supplying them with convenient services and the latest in court reporting and information storage technologies. Over the past thirty-four years, their company has strived towards excellence and providing top notch court reporting techniques, making them one of Pheonix’s best and most sought-after court reporting agencies in the field. Whether it be long-distance, in their offices, the courtroom, or referring you to another court reporting agency that uses the same care and attention to detail as they, the team at Coash & Coash is standing by to enhance your trial and leave you to focus on the important aspects of defending your client.

Scottsdale, Arizona: A Legal Community on the Cutting Edge of Technology

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Two things often come to mind when someone mentions Arizona: Phoenix, and deserts. When one takes a moment to learn a little about one of the gems of the west, they quickly learn that Arizona has so much more to offer. There are beautiful mountains, rivers, and forests to explore. There are a number of unique metropolitan areas to immerse oneself in. Scottsdale has it all.

Just east of Phoenix, Scottsdale is bordered by the Tonto National Forest, the McDowell Mountains, and the Salt River. The city itself is rich with culture—Old Town Scottsdale is packed full with restaurants, retail, art galleries, and music experiences. The city has a little something for everyone. One can feed their nature-side by going for a hike in the morning, and then tend to their need for good food by stopping at one of Scottsdale’s many restaurants at night.

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With such a variety of entertainment and occupations, Scottsdale is more than a hub for visitors—it is a hub for legal professionals. Businesses need employment and labor law services. The natural parks need environmental and natural resources law. No matter what area of practice, the legal professionals in Scottsdale will deliver.

Law firms in Scottsdale consistently rank high in reviews. The Schill Law Group, the Law Offices of Shane L. Harvard, and Provident Law all rank over four stars on Google reviews. The local bar association does everything in their power to ensure attorneys, paralegals, and their clients are happy.  There are a number of court reporting firms in Scottsdale that offer great services, but none of them preform quite like Coash & Coash. What sets them apart from the rest? Their quality of technology.

These talented court reporters know just how important utilizing the best technology available in the world of litigation is to their clients. The staff at Coash & Coash realized that they could not simply rely on their accurate reporting, efficient service, and quality customer service. Attorneys cannot waste time waiting for outdated stenographs—or in the case of videography, outdated cameras—to preform the way they should. They knew they had to provide clients with the best of the best in legal technology.

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When booking a videography service, clients can expect crystal clear video and audio. When in need of an interactive, realtime reporting service, they can expect the live-streamed transcript to deliver smoothly due to top-of-the-line software. The staff at Coash & Coash will gladly deliver clients their transcripts in any requested form—be it a physical, paper file, a PDF bundle, or an E-Transcript. Whatever clients need, these talented professionals will deliver. When it comes to Scottsdale court reporters, there isn’t a better option.

For more information about these court reporters and Scottsdale as a whole, call (602) 258-1440 or email staff@coashandcoash.com.

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