Remote Litigation Support Becoming More Important Due to Extreme Weather

This summer and in recent years, weather events have made it more difficult for legal professionals such as lawyers and attorneys to meet with clients. Flash floods caused by torrential downpours have affected parts of the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic, as well as California. A dangerous and deadly heatwave gripping the Southern portion of the United States has made it perilous to go outside for prolonged periods of time. For just such times, court reporting firms offer remote litigation support. Given these conditions, many legal professionals and law firms across America now utilize US court reporters who provide remote litigation support services.

Top court reporting companies and court reporting networks across the country provide numerous services to assist lawyers with their cases before, during and after legal proceedings. Such services include e-discovery services, transcription services, remote deposition services, photography and videography services, and trial presentation services.  Some of the top firms for court reporting in California produce video documentaries that piece together evidence and present convincing arguments for their clients’ cases. Their clients can then present these videos as evidence in their cases.

Court reporters, court reporting firms and court reporting networks across the nation make it easier than ever for lawyers and attorneys to interact with witnesses remotely and access case information remotely. By partnering with technologically savvy court reporting companies, law firms and attorneys nationwide can take advantage of the resources these companies offer, such as mobile apps that allow legal professionals to access video depositions and other valuable case information from anywhere.

With remote depositions, lawyers no longer need to meet with witnesses in person to get their sworn statements on record. Now, court reporters can help lawyers and attorneys obtain this valuable testimony from witnesses via the internet. This testimony can then be presented as evidence in court cases and litigation.