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Since 1957, Beovich Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters (BWF) has been serving the Pacific Northwest with accurate, professional court reporting and litigation support services. As one of the longest running Portland, Oregon court reporting companies, they strive every day to maintain their exceptional reputation and to provide the legal community the highest quality service available anywhere. Aligned with some of the most notable names in the reporting field such as the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), the Nation Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA) and the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting (STAR), BWF works to ensure that they provide the utmost in litigation support services.

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Julie A. Walter
Julie A. Walter

Embodying the spirit of the company, Beovich, Walter & Friend Certified Court Reporters’ current president continues to pursue a court reporting career integrated into the Portland community. President Julie A. Walter joined the offices of Beovich 1986, before rising to the position of co-owner. Although Julie is the co-owner and equal partner of Doug Friend, she continues to take on reporting assignments and understands the needs of today’s legal community. Currently, her focus on the Portland legal community allows for her team to provide helpful summaries on recent legal news and trends in the Portland, Oregon area. Walter and her team recognize that having a litigation support team aware and proficient in all law fields and up to date on current legal news and trends is crucial when setting up a winning case, and work every day to ensure the solidarity of your case by remaining up-to-date.