Anderson Reporting’s Response to Coronavirus

Credit: Gulf State College (Columbus, Ohio) March 18, 2020 First and foremost, it is the health and safety of Anderson Reporting’s clients and employees that is most important to the Columbus court reporting firm. As the virus plagues the world … Continue reading “Anderson Reporting’s Response to Coronavirus”

Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields

Credit: VideoBlocks A person who records the events of a court room or deposition is not a recently opened position. For centuries, there has been someone nearby the opposing legal teams with a documentation of court proceeding to help the … Continue reading “Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields”

Anderson Reporting of Columbus, Ohio Announces Move to New Offices

(Columbus, Ohio) August 28, 2018 Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce that the firm has moved to a new location. The firm, which used to be located on West Henderson, is now located on 1421 West Third Avenue. Despite the … Continue reading “Anderson Reporting of Columbus, Ohio Announces Move to New Offices”

How the National Network Reporting Company Became the Leading National Court Reporters Directory

A good court reporter can be good to find. Back in the day, an attorney would have to scourge phone books, call up several different firms, and hope the firm they landed on is truly a quality business. The process … Continue reading “How the National Network Reporting Company Became the Leading National Court Reporters Directory”

Foremost Ohio Court Reporting Firm

Under the guidance of president Gayle Anderson, Anderson’s Reporting Services Inc. has brought crucial court reporting tool with quality customer service to the Columbus, Ohio area. If you are in need of an experienced Ohio court reporting firm, contact Anderson’s … Continue reading “Foremost Ohio Court Reporting Firm”

Anderson Reporting Services Incorperated

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Ohio’s Premier Full Service Court Reporting Agency Anderson Reporting is Ohio’s premier full service court reporting agency, dedicated to upholding a high standard of quality service. They are independently owned, yet they are also partnered with National Network Reporting Company … Continue reading “Anderson Reporting Services Incorperated”

Columbus, Ohio Court Reporting Firms

In today’s legal work, new information can be a powerful tool for attorneys. It can also present new challenges. Columbus court reporters help lawyers manage this new information with new tools and new ideas that are changing the way lawyers … Continue reading “Columbus, Ohio Court Reporting Firms”