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Building a Statewide Reputation for Great Service in Ohio

In highly competitive industries like court reporting, companies do all they can to stand out and attract new clients. This is especially true in larger cities and markets, where lawyers will seek out top court reporting firms based upon reputation and reviews. In Ohio, the Columbus-based firm Anderson Reporting Services has looked to grow its business by expanding beyond the Ohio state capital with online marketing and word-of-mouth testimonials. The Ohio court reporting company, which has provided legal support services to Columbus legal professionals for more than thirty years, has positioned itself to also serve the legal needs of lawyers in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo and other cities across the state.

Anderson Reporting Services, a member of the National Network Reporting Company, has made its mark in the field with its dedication to precision and excellence. Company founder Gayle Anderson, a former President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, holds her court reporters in Columbus to very high standards of professionalism. Lawyers and attorneys across Columbus who have hired ARS have praised the company for its ability to meet tight deadlines and perform under pressure.

As Anderson Reporting looks to take on more work across Ohio, it will target cities as well as the state in general with its content creation and internet marketing campaigns. Press releases, social media posts and blog posts will highlight the firm’s services for lawyers in Ohio as well as support services for lawyers in individual cities across the Buckeye State, describing how the firm helps legal professionals thrive and win their cases.

Ms. Anderson started her firm in 1990, after working for several years as the official court reporter for the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus. Ms. Anderson has instilled the commitment to excellence into the culture of the company, making it the standard that all the firm’s court reporters uphold.

Leading Court Reporters Set Themselves Apart with Excellence

In cities across America, from huge metropolises like New York City and Los Angeles to mid-size cities like Columbus, Detroit, Seattle and Denver, lawyers depend upon the services of reliable and accurate court reporting businesses to succeed.  Top court reporters in Ohio help lawyers in places like Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo win their cases by getting ahead of the competition. These court reporters pride themselves on professionalism and accuracy, providing litigation support that puts their clients over the top.

Attorneys and lawyers across the United States have come to expect a standard level of professionalism and performance from the court reporters they hire. As court reporters must attain certain levels of schooling and obtain certification from their respective states, they generally can meet lawyers’ expectations. However, the great court reporters surpass those expectations and look for ways to enhance their value to their clients. Firms that focus on court reporting in Columbus can set themselves apart by offering innovative services to help law firms win their cases in the Ohio state capital.

Over the past several years, many court reporting firms across the U.S. have digitized their processes and services.  This trend reflects the adoption of technology by reporting firms across the country, along with the desire to meet the demand for mobile reporting services by busy legal professionals. Today, many of the best court reporting companies have mobile apps that their clients can use to stay connected and access files about their cases. In addition, firms provide remote support services such as remote depositions. Some firms also assist clients with videoconferencing, allowing clients to use their media-enabled conference rooms to hold meetings.

Lawyers today do not need to settle for average court reporting services. Many top-tier court reporting businesses operate across the country, raising the bar for the industry.

Top Firms in Court Reporting Industry Offer More Remote Services to Attract Clients

In difficult economic times such as these, leaders and forward thinkers in many industries, including the court reporting industry, have to innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Lawyers have had to find new ways to attract clients and communicate with them in recent years, with some turning to social media to pitch their services and find new clients. Similarly, court reporting companies across the country have found new ways to market themselves to attorneys and lawyers and communicate with these legal professionals, helping them to prepare for their cases and win in court. As the trend toward remote interactions between lawyers and their clients has become more pronounced, leading Columbus court reporters have increased the availability of remote services for legal professionals such as remote depositions and videoconferencing.

Remote court reporting services make a lot of sense in large states where population centers are spread out, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. Lawyers can save time and money by hiring professional court reporting businesses to assist them with depositions of witnesses across large geographic divides. Legal professionals can use firms that perform court reporting in Ohio to connect with people in cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. Likewise, court reporters in Pennsylvania can help lawyers in Philadelphia communicate with witnesses in Pittsburgh, a drive of more than 300 miles.

Along with remote services, the top companies in the industry offer the standard legal support services that court reporting companies have become known for. They perform transcription services of court cases, court hearings and other legal proceedings. Many of the best firms offer legal videography services. Many court reporting businesses across the country offer conference rooms that lawyers and/or law firms can rent. They perform services like producing PowerPoint Presentations, trial boards and other forms of media to help lawyers make strong cases in court.

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar is there for Ohio Legal Professionals

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In the state of Ohio, Cleveland is a legal hub. As one of the largest cities in the state, it’s no wonder it’s home to some of the best, most reliable professionals in the business. When in need of an attorney, clients can find one who fights for their rights no matter the area of practice. When that attorney then goes on to build a legal team, they have the best Cleveland, Ohio court reporters to choose from.

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While these legal professionals are well-known for the support they provide their clients, they can’t operate without support of their own. In Cleveland, that place is the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. The bar association has over 135 years of history under its belt. What once served as two separate bar associations– the Cleveland Bar, serving the city, and the Cuyahoga County Bar Association, serving the county– combined to become the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. It is now the primary resource for research in the area, perfect for students and professionals alike.


The nonprofit is dedicated to supporting the needs of those in the surrounding Cleveland area. With attorneys, judges, students, court reporters, and other business professionals as members, any legal professional can find the resources they require to provide their clients the best results possible.  The organization promotes unparalleled professional and ethical standards in hopes of creating an honest legal community.

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The association is nationally recognized for their public outreach and pro bono legal services. Lawyers Giving Back is a program designed to support the Cleveland community through hundreds of volunteer lawyers collaborating with other business professionals and community partners. Together, they work to help students continue their education and provide people access to justice who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association was designed to help people. Legal professionals can turn to the association for any resources or educational purposes they desire. Other citizens of Cleveland can turn to the association for whatever legal assistance they need.

Cady Reporting: Cleveland’s Premier Court Reporters Embrace Digital Technologies

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The advent of digital technologies is slowly transforming the legal profession. With regards to court reporting companies, technologies like high-definition video conferences, mobile booking and ultra high-speed wifi service present increased opportunities and increased investments for future opportunities. For Cleveland court reportersCady Reporting, the future is now.

A prominent member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), one of the world’s largest directory of court reporters, Cady Reporting has risen to dominate the Cleveland, Ohio market with its embrace of the aforementioned technologies. The company’s new mobile booking engine is a smartphone and tablet-friendly form that allows for 24/7 service bookings anywhere in the world.

The importance of mobile booking cannot be over-emphasized with today’s highly-stressed and fast-paced attorneys. While many reporting companies put off updating their websites and technologies, Cady Reporting was one of the first firms to enhance there digital representation. The result is a commanding presence in the marketplace.

Gone are the days when the Web was an ancillary concern. For today’s court reporting and legal professionals an updated website with new content along with a solid social media presence represent the new necessities of life at the forefront. While attorneys, paralegals, expert witnesses, trial support pros and others within the legal profession are often trained in a more conservative business approach, many court reporters have fallen even further behind other industries when it comes to maintaining a technological status quo.

Led by President and Founder Charles Cady, the company is now a classic successful family business with the addition of Mr. Cady’s daughter, Michelle Cady-Cook. Cady Reporting represents a clear industry leader within the industry not only for their more than twenty years of experience and record of success but also for their fine conference room facilities and technical proficiency for all their services, from litigation support to videoconferencing and deposition reporting.

Cady Reporting also offers special seminars on formulating successful briefs and recording testimony for depositions in cases of all kinds. The link provided includes a video by Charles Cady.

Centrally located in downtown Cleveland at 1468 West 9th Street, Suite 440, Cady Reporting is revered within the industry for its collegiality with other professionals and for its ability to come through on last-minute needs by attorneys for depositions and other services for their cases.

This history along with the company’s forward-thinking embrace of the appropriate technologies makes Cady Reporting the premier court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio.

Anderson Reporting of Columbus, Ohio Announces Move to New Offices

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(Columbus, Ohio) August 28, 2018

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce that the firm has moved to a new location. The firm, which used to be located on West Henderson, is now located on 1421 West Third Avenue. Despite the change in location, Anderson Reporting is still based in Columbus, Ohio, making it easy for returning clients to find Columbus court reporters they know they can trust.

Other than the new location, nothing about the business will change. Anderson Reporting will continue to offer clients superior customer service, as well as a wide variety of litigation services. Attorneys and paralegals home to or visiting Ohio can continue to trust that all their legal needs will be taken care of, from conference room to trial.

Anderson Reporting is one of the oldest and most prolific court reporting firms in Ohio. For more than 30 years, President Gayle Anderson has overseen every single aspect of business in order to assure the highest quality of staff and service. The firm has been commended for their dedication to serving their clients, and treating them like people instead of numbers.

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The firm also serves as a charter member of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), which is the largest court reporter directory in the world. The directory was founded to help law professionals easily find a reliable court reporting service in their area.

For more information on Anderson reporting, call them at (614) 326-0177, go to their website, or visit their brand-new offices!

1421 West Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

Foremost Ohio Court Reporting Firm

court reporters, reporting firms, anderson, anderson reportingUnder the guidance of president Gayle Anderson, Anderson’s Reporting Services Inc. has brought crucial court reporting tool with quality customer service to the Columbus, Ohio area. If you are in need of an experienced Ohio court reporting firm, contact Anderson’s today:

Henderson Park Offices

3242 West Henderson Rd.
Suite A
Columbus, OH 43220

Phone: 614-326-0177
Toll Free: 800-753-0289
Fax: 614-326-0214
After Hours Contact: 614-638-1104

Anderson Reporting Services Incorporated

Ohio’s Premier Full Service Court Reporting Agency

Anderson Reporting is Ohio’s premier full service court reporting agency, dedicated to upholding a high standard of quality service. They are independently owned, yet they are also partnered with National Network Reporting Company (NNRC), and are considered to be one of the preferred court reporting companies of the Columbus Bar Association (CBA). Even though their offices are located in Ohio, they offer support Nationwide, as well as in Europe and Canada, able to schedule through their association with the NNRC.

Anderson Reporting is the ideal company to call when you are in need of either: a court reporter, videographer, interpreter, subpoenas, and conference room or videoconference facility. Their experienced real-time certified professionals are available to provide quality transcripts for depositions, hearings, audio recordings, meetings, examinations under oath (EUOs), and trials. These transcripts will be delivered to you via a live feed directly onto your laptop, iPad, or mobile device.

Legal Video Specialists and Professional Photography Add a Dynamic Presentation

Anderson’s Legal Video Specialists are able to produce a quality record in whichever format you choose. These videos can be simple recordings or can be as diverse as to include video depositions, trial playbacks, site inspections, day-in-the-life documentaries, settlement videos, document and exhibit presentation, commercials as well as an additional host of editing choices. Other digital services include multimedia Trial Presentation and Videoconferencing. Both of these services include additional multi-media effects based upon your specifications.

Anderson’s Reporting offers a variety of services to help your company outside of the courtroom. Anderson’s professional portrait photography can be useful for enhancing both professional website and social media pages. Another service offered that can boost your web presence is Anderson’s ability to produce and direct an excellent video marketing campaign targeted to attracting potential clients and strengthening your appeal. To round off the deal, Anderson’s offers the use of their professional writing services in order to ensure that your media presentation is complete. Their writer, Jessi Smulsky, includes biographical writing, video script writing, social media profiles, business listings, and content marketing that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Supporting Attorneys with Columbus Court Reporters

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Today’s legal professionals need every tool available to make sure that they can stay ahead of their cases. More information is becoming part of cases in the information age, and it is important to work with a team that can help bring information together.

columbus-court-reporting-firms-and-companiesOver the course of the last several years, the court reporting field has evolved rapidly. It has been redefined by the introduction of new technology that has allowed court reporting firms to provide a new level of support to legal professionals. Modern Columbus court reporters can play a role in almost every facet of case preparation, integrating new technology into the lawyer’s process.

Columbus court reporters are helping attorneys when they travel, and they can provide the same high-quality litigation support that attorneys have grown accustomed to when they work in their own communities. They can help lawyers meet the demands of attorneys under the tight time restrictions of travel by offering the right technology in an efficient and seamless way that allows the lawyer to meet their objectives. They can also work with lawyers who need to develop a remote presence, acting to secure a multimedia point-of-contact between lawyers and the people who are essential to their cases.

When attorneys travel, it is crucial that they accomplish as much as possible in an often limited time frame. Columbus court reporting firms can provide the facilities and the tools to help make working in the area a success and they can also help schedule services anywhere. For local attorneys who need to work in-person in other markets to those who wish to establish a remote footprint far from Columbus, these court reporting professionals can help.

Through their affiliation with the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), court reporters around the country are working together to provide a network of professional court reporting teams that can help lawyers meet the challenges of their cases anywhere. With video services, realtime reporting, and accurate reporting and transcription services, court reporting companies can now play a crucial role in a variety of cases. They allow lawyers to effortlessly expand their reach into new markets, allowing the legal professional to work in new ways. Videoconferencing and other capabilities can place lawyers in the room with a deponent over a secure, broadcast-quality connection. This allows them to mitigate their travel demands while not compromising on effectiveness.

In Columbus, local and visiting attorneys are working with a team committed to the latest court reporting technology and the most innovative solutions. They have worked to remain leaders in providing emerging technologies to lawyers to that they can meet the challenges of today’s casework and serve their clients better.