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Detroit’s Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters Establishing Strong Reputation Across Michigan

In its sixtieth year of operation, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters (HRCR), a Michigan court reporting company that began with humble roots in Detroit, has grown into one of the state’s most respected court reporting firms among lawyers across Michigan. Established in 1963, the company has evolved over time, adopting new technologies to better serve legal clients and provide them with the high level of support services they demand and deserve. The firm features two offices, a main office in Detroit and a secondary office in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan and the state’s fifth largest city.

The firm’s success owes to its track record of producing positive results for clients, which stems from the firm’s founder building a strong and accountable business. Founder Gerald Hansen, a retired military veteran, built the foundation for the company’s ongoing success on hard work, honesty, integrity and determination. Over time, as HRCR continued to prove its worth to lawyers in Detroit and elsewhere, the company’s reputation grew.

HCRC’s Ann Arbor court reporters provide a wide array of support services to attorneys and lawyers in the city and surrounding towns and townships. They perform depositions for legal professionals across the area. They also help legal professionals across the region with legal research for litigation, photography services, legal videography, transcription services, trial presentation services and more.

Hanson Reporting offers its clients access to case information at their fingertips through its interactive website and mobile app. The firm gives its clients the ability to work on their cases at any time or place of their choosing through their respective portals.

Although the firm began in a different era, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters has adapted over the years to improve its services and better serve the legal community of Detroit and Michigan lawyers in general. Now under the leadership of Gerald Hansen, Jr., the company will look to build its court reporting brand statewide.

Reflecting National Trend, Court Reporters in Detroit Offering More Digital Services

It’s no secret that our information-driven society has become more mobile. Access to almost limitless information can be had from almost anywhere with a cell-phone signal for a person with a smartphone or tablet. In today’s fast-paced, cutthroat world, many lawyers demand instant access to supporting documents for their cases. In response, the best court reporters in Michigan, including many based in Detroit, now provide their clients access to files through mobile apps, enabling attorneys and lawyers to pull up recordings of depositions, transcripts of depositions and hearings and much more information about their cases. Court reporting companies provide an array of remote services for legal professionals to help them prepare for cases and ultimately win.

Leading firms that specialize in court reporting in Detroit know that the city’s lawyers can often benefit from the experienced litigation support they provide. These companies typically offer legal photography and legal videography services to legal clients to help clients strengthen lawsuits or defend against lawsuits. These firms also assist with remote depositions for their clients to obtain testimony from witnesses, among other services. Some firms offer clients conference rooms equipped with video-conferencing technology for meetings.

The best court reporting companies across the country now cater to their clients’ demand for rapid access to case information. These firms provide access to this information to their legal clients through portals on their websites or through mobile apps. Lawyers, attorneys and paralegals can pull up information about their cases at their offices, from the comfort of their homes, while stuck in traffic, at the courthouse or anywhere else by using the resources provided by leading court reporters.

When choosing a court reporting company, lawyers should take many factors into consideration. They should look for a company with a reputation for reliability and accuracy. They should consider the company’s longevity. They may also want to look for a company that has evolved with the times to keep pace with the speed of today’s legal world.

Motown Court Reporters Help Lawyers in Numerous Ways

In Michigan cities such as Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids, lawyers sometimes find themselves burdened by their caseloads and the amount of work they need to do to prepare for trials, hearings and other legal proceedings. Fortunately, companies that specialize in court reporting in Michigan perform numerous services and tasks to support legal professionals like attorneys across the state. They provide litigation support with services such as legal videography, transcriptions of meetings and legal proceedings, recording remote depositions of witnesses and producing trial presentation materials to strengthen lawyers’ cases in court.  Detroit litigation lawyers can count on court reporting companies in Detroit for many vital support services that often make the difference between victory and defeat.

Leading court reporters in Detroit MI work closely with Motown law firms to provide supplemental or supporting evidence that will make their cases stronger. This may mean filming legal documentaries to lay out the facts of a case. It may also mean securing remote depositions with key witnesses. Court reporters can assist law firms with research as well.

Court reporting firms also allow lawyers to use their offices for meeting spaces, as these offices typically feature the latest in video-conferencing technology. With this technology, lawyers can video-chat with witnesses or clients across town or across the country in real-time. Lawyers and their teams can plot out their strategies for trials using the conference rooms of court reporting firms.

With litigation on the rise, the services of court reporting firms may become more valued as lawyers turn to these trained professionals to take some of the work off their plates. Court reporters attend specific schooling to work in their profession and must pass a state examination. Court reporters in Michigan will help the state’s lawyers and attorneys keep up with the rising number of lawsuits filed each year.

Beinestock Nationwide Court Reporting & Video

Leader in Michigan Court Reporting Since 1995

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video has been a leader in quality court reporting, legal video, and litigation support services since 1995. Although their offices are located in Michigan, their services are available nation-wide and are guaranteed to be prompt, professional, and problem-free. Their experienced and professional staff can assist you from the initial opening to the final closing of a case. Their number one goal is to work hard in order to make your life easier.

Bienenstock’s staff branches include; Court Reporters, Scheduling Department, Litigation Support Department, Legal Video Department, and their Production Department. All of Bienenstock’s Michigan court reporters have passed the rigorous testing to ensure State certification in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and many have gone on to earn their National certifications of Registered Professional Reporter as well as Registered Merit Reporter. In addition to reporting, their administrative staff has extensive training in scheduling and managing large and complex cases. Because of their experience they are fully prepared to handle any last-minute changes as well.

Comprehensive Pre-trail Support and Trial Presentation Services

Bienenstock’s Litigation Support Specialists are first in providing comprehensive pre-trial support and trial presentation services. Their Trial Technologists have hundreds of hours of courtroom experience and have won many cases with their persuasive multimedia presentations. Included in the multimedia aspect are Bienenstock’s Legal Video services. Their Video Technicians are trained in accordance with the NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist standards. Furthermore, their Transcript Production and Imaging Specialists are experienced and guarantee on-time delivery of your evidentiary needs.

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video court reporting firms has multiple locations that offer pre-equipped Videoconferencing. These locations are in Ann Arbor, Bingham Farms, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw, Michigan. The remaining locations are in Flint, Jackson, Lansing, and Mt. Clemens, Michigan and include everything else to ensure a professional working environment.

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video, among the largest court reporting and litigation support firms in Michigan, has been an industry trend-setter at the vanguard of the court reporter profession for over 21 years. The company, with offices in Detroit, Jackson, Ann Arbor, Bingham Farms, Flint, Saginaw, Jackson, Mt. Clemens, and Grand Rapids, serves its clients nationwide.

Serving the Great State of Michigan

Among Michigan court reporters, Bienenstock provides a rare level of fast scheduling options and personalized services for law offices and their teams.

Lauren Bienenstock

Its team includes the noted court reporting professional Lauren Bienenstock, who can be seen here speaking at a recent conference:

With services ranging from legal video to real time reporting, mediation hosting and trial presentation, Bienenstock is noted in the legal profession as a cutting-edge company with reliability at the center of its identity.

Contact Information for Detroit, Michigan Court Reporters

Notable for their state-of-the-art conference rooms, the firm is celebrated across the country for their ability to meet deadlines and provide a high level of technical support for each of their clients. Law firms can schedule services directly through their website at, via email at  or by calling 248.644.8888.

For more information visit the website or the official Facebook and Youtube pages.