Laws Reporting and COVID-19

Credit: Quartz (Miami, Florida) March 26, 2020 The health and safety of Laws Reporting’s clients and staff is of the utmost important to the firm’s executives. The many Laws offices have always been clean, but the staff now takes extra … Continue reading “Laws Reporting and COVID-19”

Laws Reporting Announces Mediation Services

Credit: LeBlanc Law and Mediation (Miami, Florida) November 6, 2019 Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their mediation services. The objective of mediation is to settle a case in a way that all parties are satisfied before it reaches trial. … Continue reading “Laws Reporting Announces Mediation Services”

Laws Reporting, Premiere Miami Court Reporters

Credit: Mansion Global Miami, Florida is a city of hustle and bustle. People from all walks of life travel the streets and work in a variety of professions—and it is quite the variety. Doctors, artists, professors, and so much more … Continue reading “Laws Reporting, Premiere Miami Court Reporters”