Laws Reporting and COVID-19

Credit: Quartz (Miami, Florida) March 26, 2020 The health and safety of Laws Reporting’s clients and staff is of the utmost important to the firm’s executives. The many Laws offices have always been clean, but the staff now takes extra … Continue reading “Laws Reporting and COVID-19”

Envision Legal Announces Nevada Legal Resources

Credit: City of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada) December 18, 2019 Envision Legal is pleased to announce their new page on legal resources in Nevada. While Google is a helpful resource for just about anything your heart desires, the sheer … Continue reading “Envision Legal Announces Nevada Legal Resources”

Ryan Reporting Announces Florida Legal Resources

Credit: Expedia (Rockledge, Florida) November 14, 2019 Ryan Reporting is pleased to announce their new page of Florida Legal Resources. The page serves as a resource for attorneys and other legal professionals in the state of Florida looking for legal … Continue reading “Ryan Reporting Announces Florida Legal Resources”

Laws Reporting Announces Mediation Services

Credit: LeBlanc Law and Mediation (Miami, Florida) November 6, 2019 Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their mediation services. The objective of mediation is to settle a case in a way that all parties are satisfied before it reaches trial. … Continue reading “Laws Reporting Announces Mediation Services”

Court Reporting in Las Vegas

Credit: Divorce Lawyer Chronicles  When one thinks of Las Vegas, they think of musician residencies, fast cars, and bachelorette parities. They think of luxurious hotels, extravagant casinos, and wild nights that “stay in Vegas.”  But with each of those experiences—the … Continue reading “Court Reporting in Las Vegas”

What is Trial Presentation?

Credit: Black Westchester Court reporting firms do far more than court reporting these days. Many court reporting firms are full-fledged litigation firms with a wide variety of services to fulfill each and every one of their clients’ needs. Many companies … Continue reading “What is Trial Presentation?”

Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields

Credit: VideoBlocks A person who records the events of a court room or deposition is not a recently opened position. For centuries, there has been someone nearby the opposing legal teams with a documentation of court proceeding to help the … Continue reading “Court Reporting and its Adjacent Fields”

Ryan Reporting, a Staple of the Orlando Legal Scene

Since the grand opening of the Disneyworld in 1965, the Orlando area has grown and changed exponentially. Incredible resorts and the introduction of seemingly an innumerable amount of theme parks has populated the area and continues to reel tourists in, … Continue reading “Ryan Reporting, a Staple of the Orlando Legal Scene”

National Court Reporting Firms is on Track to Build New Legal Directory

For a busy attorney or paralegal, saving time is absolutely crucial. Between their multitude of cases, paperwork, and personal lives the last thing a legal professional wants to think about is finding a court reporting or litigation service that can … Continue reading “National Court Reporting Firms is on Track to Build New Legal Directory”

How the National Network Reporting Company Became the Leading National Court Reporters Directory

A good court reporter can be good to find. Back in the day, an attorney would have to scourge phone books, call up several different firms, and hope the firm they landed on is truly a quality business. The process … Continue reading “How the National Network Reporting Company Became the Leading National Court Reporters Directory”