Building a Statewide Reputation for Great Service in Ohio

In highly competitive industries like court reporting, companies do all they can to stand out and attract new clients. This is especially true in larger cities and markets, where lawyers will seek out top court reporting firms based upon reputation and reviews. In Ohio, the Columbus-based firm Anderson Reporting Services has looked to grow its business by expanding beyond the Ohio state capital with online marketing and word-of-mouth testimonials. The Ohio court reporting company, which has provided legal support services to Columbus legal professionals for more than thirty years, has positioned itself to also serve the legal needs of lawyers in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Toledo and other cities across the state.

Anderson Reporting Services, a member of the National Network Reporting Company, has made its mark in the field with its dedication to precision and excellence. Company founder Gayle Anderson, a former President of the Ohio Court Reporters Association, holds her court reporters in Columbus to very high standards of professionalism. Lawyers and attorneys across Columbus who have hired ARS have praised the company for its ability to meet tight deadlines and perform under pressure.

As Anderson Reporting looks to take on more work across Ohio, it will target cities as well as the state in general with its content creation and internet marketing campaigns. Press releases, social media posts and blog posts will highlight the firm’s services for lawyers in Ohio as well as support services for lawyers in individual cities across the Buckeye State, describing how the firm helps legal professionals thrive and win their cases.

Ms. Anderson started her firm in 1990, after working for several years as the official court reporter for the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus. Ms. Anderson has instilled the commitment to excellence into the culture of the company, making it the standard that all the firm’s court reporters uphold.