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With a whopping 28.7 million people among its boarders, Texas is the second largest state by landmass and population. Eight percent of that population can be found in Houston, Texas, “The Magnolia City.” Spread across 669 square miles of land, Houston is the largest city in the state, and is a hub of culture and activity. Business flock there, musicians take to the street, restaurateurs set up shop with their dynamic flavors.

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This makes for a very active legal scene. All areas of practice are necessary to the function of Houston—copyright attorneys keep artists safe, while corporate attorneys keep businesses in check. Attorneys all across Texas are busy, but attorneys in Houston have a lot of work on their plates. With so much to worry about, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their court reporting firm can deliver on all their needs. When attorneys work with Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting & Video Specialists, they don’t have to.

Commonly referred to as Hanna & Hanna, or just Hanna Reporting, this litigation support firm has over 25 years of serving Houston, and all of Texas, under its belt. Where many court reporting firms cracked under the pressure that came with the swell of change brought by the digital age, Hanna Reporting continues to stand strong. Instead of pushing against the modern modes of business many have come to expect, Hanna Reporting adapted.

The staff’s reputation of accurate and timely court reporting garnered the attention of attorneys and paralegals across the state, but their host of litigation support services kept it. When attorneys turn to their favorite Houston court reporters, they can also find quality certified real-time reporters, certified legal video specialists, real-time streaming, and so much more.

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“There aren’t better court reporters in Houston,” Julie Rehberg of Omaha, Nebraska says. “They work around the clock to make sure their clients have everything they need when they need it.”

Working with Hanna Reporting is easy. Potential clients can call, email, or fill out this contact form to get started. If a last minute service is needed, Hanna Reporting is there. By emailing their after hours account, afterhours@hannareporting.com, clients receive a call or email promptly confirming the service.

For more information, call (713) 840-8484 or visit their offices.

8582 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

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