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Miami, Florida is a city of hustle and bustle. People from all walks of life travel the streets and work in a variety of professions—and it is quite the variety. Doctors, artists, professors, and so much more all convene in this cultural mecca due to the pleasant climate and high population. With such a diverse population comes a slew of problems that require specific attorneys. These attorneys may be talented individuals, but if their legal team isn’t up to par, their case will suffer.

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But attorneys in Miami and across South Florida, don’t have to worry about their case suffering due to incompetent litigation support. In 1976, Paula Laws developed the legendary Laws Reporting—a leading Miami litigation firm. Since its inception, Laws Reporting has made it their mission to only hire the most talented litigation professionals in the area. Unlike other Miami court reporters, Laws Reporting proudly flaunts their education, training, and experience when asked, because they understand the desire to know the service they are booking can deliver.

Over the past 45 years, the court reporting company served on dozens of cases, big and small. No matter the size, they treat each and every one of their clients with the same level of dignity and respect. Each client is treated like they are the most important client.


“Laws Reporting offers a level of service and dedication that is unparalleled in Miami,” NGOTechnologies CEO, Jasel Patel, says. “The staff does a half-baked job. They don’t abandon a case once their portion of the work is done. Each case they work is seen through to completion, so to ensure their clients don’t need an unexpected service. That is something few professionals are willing to do, and it really puts them over the edge with quality and professionalism.”

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As the landscape of litigation support has changed, Laws Reporting has grown to offer more than excellent court reporting services. They understand how important it is to serve as a one-stop shop for busy attorneys and paralegals, and have expanded their business accordingly. Laws Reporting proudly offers a number of services, among them being videography, conferences, Spanish court reporters, subpoena services, and so much more.

The firm’s addition to the National Network Reporting Company’s (NNRC) database further proves their overall quality. At the NNRC, only the best of the best are accepted as members. Clients must exude a certain level of professionalism, speed, accuracy, and customer service to even be considered as a member. Laws Reporting passed the NNRC’s vetting process with flying colors, and now offer their services worldwide.

To find out how you can schedule a service with Laws Reporting, call (954) 581-4010, email, or visit their offices.

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