What is Trial Presentation?

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Court reporting firms do far more than court reporting these days. Many court reporting firms are full-fledged litigation firms with a wide variety of services to fulfill each and every one of their clients’ needs. Many companies boast their videography services, but few talk about the highly important task of trial presentation, leaving many wondering exactly what it is.

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Trial presentation is just that—a presentation put together by a litigation professional in order to enhance an attorney’s case. These presentations are designed to keep the judge and jury engaged, but more importantly, to get the information across in a digestible, concise manner.

Good court presentations include a variety of media. Court reporting firms such as Anderson Reporting, one of the founding members of the prestigious National Network Reporting Company, incorporate video, exhibits, photographs, animations, and graphics in each and every one of their presentations. Anderson’s skilled staff works with the entire legal team to ensure they are producing the best results for their client.

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These presentations are a great place to include an earlier recorded video deposition. Anderson will gladly sync and edit a video deposition in a time crunch, because they understand how valuable it is to see information that might expose an inconsistent witness testimony. When it comes to trial presentation in Columbus, Ohio, there is no better firm to turn to than the skilled professionals at Anderson Reporting.

Quality trial presentations can be the difference between successful case, and a losing case. To learn more about how trial presentation may benefit you, call (614) 326-0188, email ganderson@andersonreporting.com, or visit Anderson Reporting’s Columbus office.

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