Detroit Attorneys Choose Bienenstock Court Reporting and Video

Facing new types of obstacles in their casework, top attorneys are finding solutions with innovative court reporting firms that are redefining their roles in the information age.

Today’s attorneys are facing the challenge of larger caseloads and busy schedules with the help of new technologies that can help today’s legal professional work more efficiently than ever before.

Bienenstock Nationwide Court Reporting and Video is meeting this challenge for law firms in an environment where high-profile trials have been a part of the legal environment. This added pressure on the legal community means that law firms and court reporting companies are meeting this challenge often with the eyes of the nation on the area.

bienenstock-logoFor 20 years, Bienenstock has provided lawyers with new technology and the most competent and experienced team of court reporting professionals anywhere. This Detroit court reporting firm is the source for a wide range of tools that lawyers can integrate into their work every day, ensuring that legal professionals always have the edge they need as they take on today’s challenging cases.

Employing Video Technology

Video technology has become an important tool in today’s law firm, and Detroit court reporters can help law firms use this technology to great effect. Before a trial, it can be used to help with depositions and other legal proceedings by allowing the attorney to work remotely. This can save time and money for the law firm as they prepare their cases.

Video is one form of new media that can be leveraged into results in the legal field.
Video is one form of new media that can be leveraged into results in the legal field.

Videoconferencing offers a number of specific applications as lawyers prepare their cases. They can use it to collaborate with other lawyers, but more importantly it can be at the core of Grand Rapids remote depostions.

Once trials begin, this same technology can have a dramatic impact in the courtroom. More and more attorneys are employing video technology to help to make their cases and create compelling exhibits for jurors. An immersive, multimedia presentation can have a powerful impact on jurors that lasts into the deliberation room. Bienenstock offers complete litigation support, allowing lawyers to take advantage of multimedia presentations that can be a central part of your arguments. Lawyers can present day-in-the-life videos, graphics, photos, and other types of media with confidence that their exhibits are flawlessly executed in the courtroom.

Realtime Reporting for Today’s Attorneys

Ann Arbor realtime reporting and transcriptions can also play an important role in casework. It offers the possibility of streaming essential case information as proceedings unfold: no waiting, no deadlines. It comes just as the words are uttered and they are streamed right to a lawyer’s laptop or tablet.

Bienenstock helps overcome logistical challenges.

Bienenstock also helps lawyers who face logistical challenges in their work across Michigan and across the country. The firm has nine offices across the Great Lake State, ensuring that lawyers are never far from access to the innovative tools and experienced team that has made Bienenstock a national leader. The firm also works with attorneys who need to schedule depositions and other services across the country—and Bienenstock also works with visiting attorneys who are in Michigan working on their cases.

Decorative Scales of Justice in the CourtroomThroughout the country, law firms are partnering with court reporting companies to help them better utilize new technologies. These new innovations are helping to make case preparation move more smoothly without many of the hassles that come with organizing and locating information. Indexing and other technologies are helping to maximize the work of legal teams, and coupled with new video technologies law firms are able to better serve their clients in case preparation through trial.

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