Videoconferencing Provides New Resources for Legal and Business Professionals


The world is getting smaller. The distances between people have not changed, but technology has dramatically changed the way they interact.

The internet is a conduit for all sorts of information, and it provides a way to convey information in real time. This includes communicating over video connections, adding a new dimension and a new level of usefulness to traditional phone conversations.

Videoconferencing serves many purposes for both legal and business professionals. As a money-saving proposition, it can eliminate some of the travel costs associated with working with others, but it also offers many other benefits.

For attorneys, videoconferencing allows lawyers to work collaboratively with co-counsel, but it also opens the door to remote, video depositions. This gives attorneys a way to seek out expert witnesses and other people crucial to their cases without worrying about the cost associated with traveling to and from the deposition.

Using video also offers another unique advantage that telephonic depositions do not offer.

Video gives the lawyer a way to evaluate the truthfulness of the deponent, which allows the lawyer to be more effective in their questioning.

Videoconferencing is revolutionary because it can place a lawyer in the room with a deponent or with other attorneys. Augmented with other tools like realtime reporting that can be streamed over the internet, a lawyers can work remotely and never feel as though they have compromised their effectiveness by not working in person. It is one technology that gives lawyers a way to expand their reach far beyond their practice. Today’s top court reporters can offer this technology in a way that makes it easy for lawyers to work remotely in almost any location.

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