Meeting The Needs of Legal Professionals

Portland court reporters provide the latest tools and the most experience to help law firms achieve more throughout the journey their cases take them. For years, lawyers have worked with court reporting firms who are the keepers of the record. … Continue reading “Meeting The Needs of Legal Professionals”

Choosing a Houston Court Reporting Firm

Houston court reporters are generally hired when sworn testimony needs to be obtained, but these types of companies provide a veritable cart of specialty services as well. Like other services, realtime reporting firms are usually judged on speed, experience, variety, … Continue reading “Choosing a Houston Court Reporting Firm”

The Benefits of Realtime Reporting

Real time reporting, the immediate transfer of a stenographic draft, benefits attorneys by providing instantaneous access to transcription. Other advantages include on-the-spot rough transcripts and real time hookup. When Detroit court reporters email an unedited version of the transcript at … Continue reading “The Benefits of Realtime Reporting”

Videoconferencing Provides New Resources for Legal and Business Professionals

The world is getting smaller. The distances between people have not changed, but technology has dramatically changed the way they interact. The internet is a conduit for all sorts of information, and it provides a way to convey information in … Continue reading “Videoconferencing Provides New Resources for Legal and Business Professionals”

Working with the Best Detroit Court Reporters

Detroit court reporters at Bienenstock Court Reporting can help lawyers serve their clients with the latest technology. Contact them today to schedule your next deposition: 211 West Fort Street, Suite 1611 Detroit, Michigan 48226 (888) 644-8080

Working with the Best Los Angeles Court Reporters

Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters & Video, Inc. have the latest technology to enhance every facet of legal work. Contact them today to schedule a deposition or another of their great services. 10868 Kling Street Toluca Lake, … Continue reading “Working with the Best Los Angeles Court Reporters”