Tips for Working with Columbus Court Reporters

columbus-court-reporting-firms-and-companiesIt may seem like second nature – a lawyer speaks and every one of their words seems to be magically recorded. Of course, this isn’t magic. A court reporter is the one who transcribes a deposition or court case, but just like everyone, they are only human. Because of this, there are a few things to keep in mind when working with Columbus court reporters.

Typing quickly can be tiring, so take time to speak slowly. A court reporter’s fingers and hangs may cramp up if they are working too quickly for a longer period of time, and this can lead to errors in the transcript. Also, try not to speak over other. When multiple people are speaking at once, it can become confusing and it means a reporter will have to type two or three faster to keep up.

Make sure that everyone can be heard clearly. If speaking with an accent, try to say words as clearly as possible. Don’t rustle papers or click pens, as this is just more noise a reporter has to attempt to hear around. If possible, pick a room or office that doesn’t have much outside noise and isn’t in a building under construction, as this just adds more obstacles for the reporter. Columbus court reporting firms can offer conference rooms that are perfect for depositions and other meetings.

Above all, remember that court reporters are human beings just trying to do their jobs. If they ask for a word or phrase to be repeated, it is because they are trying to make sure their transcripts are as accurate as possible. Pronounce unfamiliar or technical words clearly and slowly so the reporter can spell them as close as possible. When everyone works together, both the lawyer and the court reporter’s jobs will become much easier.

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