The Unique Advantages of Real Time Reporting

The Unique Advantages of Real Time Reporting
Real time reporting can add an element of immediacy to all of your work.

Precision is vital to any variety of reporting, but on-the-spot accuracy is particularly critical when people are reading the transcript as it is being written. Central Florida court reporters can acquire certification in Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART), which enables them to offer spontaneous recordings in schools, business conferences or any situation which would benefit from being able to turn speech into text.

Certification requirements for CART can be misleading. For example, compared to the minimum 225 word-per-minute for court stenography, CART proficiency is 180 words-per-minute. However, passing accuracy for CART is 96% on site, while the court reporter has the opportunity to proofread the document before it is seen by the client. In real time reporting, proceedings are read as they occur, so precision in the reporter is paramount.

Ongoing training is a must for real time proficiency. A reporter who works in real time must maintain and update an online dictionary of names and technical jargon so that the appropriate language is readily available.

New technology is continuously emerging. In addition to typing, it is possible for a reporter to record dialogue and to communicate gestures and actions directly into a covered microphone that can be converted from by voice recognition software into a transcript on the spot. Orange County court reporting firms are committed to staying ahead of new trends to offer lawyers the very best in litigation support.

Additionally, with internet or a phone connection, even remote participants can stay in the loop. Real time capabilities keep everyone on the same page.

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